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Features of Google Search Engine Mobile Application

Mobile Application

A simple Google search engine app for your mobile devices will let you search google efficiently. This free app offers several interesting features that help make your searches easy. From international news to get the phone number of your neighbourhood mechanic, a quick google search can provide everything. The Google mobile app is available for Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS, and many other operating systems. When you search google from your device, it will automatically suggest you an app version that is suitable for your device. In exceptions, you can use your device’s browser to access the website, which is optimized for all screens. Here we will discuss some basic features that Google mobile app can offer. Some functions may be unavailable for some of the platforms, but the Android and iOS users can definitely rely on these special functions provided by Google.

Search History

You can access the links of the web pages that you have checked in the past. If you forget to bookmark a page, Google will automatically save the link in its history. You can access the webpage again by going to history and clicking on the link.

Contact Search

Contact Search

This feature lets you keep a huge list of contacts and make the contacts quickly available with a search. It can be overwhelming to keep a long list of contacts which can take time to take out the right number. With a google search, you can scan your phone contacts and get the right number immediately.


Google Links

Google offers several other facilities like free email account, cloud storage, calendar, and location. You can use these additional tools and applications on your mobile device to manage all your information with the right management that will be linked with your Gmail account.

Location Tracking

Google can locate you anywhere around the world and can also help you find the nearest hotel while you are travelling to a new place. Google’s My Location function helps you find the exact location address wherever you are standing without the need of asking others and typing the address.

Voice Search

Google has its own voice search feature which lets you speak what you want to know rather than typing the sentence. Voice search is a new feature that may not be available in the older versions of Android.

Google Goggles

Transform your camera into an AI which can detect the images and find their names and sources. It is also effective in reading different languages. Google’s system interprets the images and provides the information that you need.

Google Suggests

This feature helps the working category by suggesting the local businesses based on the keywords you search for. It can also complete the spelling and sentences of your search to help you type the right words and make your search easier.


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