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Google Search Alternatives – The Best Search Apps like Google

Google Search Alternatives

Google search engine is inarguable the most used search engine around the world. But the personalized experience of Google comes with the cost of sharing our personal data and location to Google on the internet. While it is not much of a threat, it can quickly become annoying knowing that Google is using our information to unnecessary bombard us with ads and tailored content.

To solve such issues, we have other search engines what may not offer as many features as Google but can still do the job very well. You can find unique features on other search engines which can make your search experience much more convenient and impressive. If you want to try a new search engine, here is a list to help you out.



Microsoft’s Bing is the second most popular search engine available today. It has plenty of additional tools to make the search experience more visual for users. It gets its search results from Yahoo and has an ever-changing background which displays new pictures every time. Bing also features ads, translation, spell check, flight tracking, sports score, weather, and more. It also has special features for programmers making it more suitable for a workspace search engine.


Ecosia is one of the fastest-growing search engines that began in 2009. It has a neat interface and is similar to Google in many ways. This free-to-use search engine is known to plant trees across the world from its revenue which is a great move. Many users also prefer Ecosia because it does not provide your personal information to third parties and does not track your internet activity.


DuckDuckGo is the best search engine to assure your online privacy. Unlike Google and Bing, this search engine never tracks your online activity which means that no ads will ever follow you. It brings the search results from Yahoo, Yandex, and many other search engines except for Google. It also has infinite scrolling, so you do not have to wait for pages to load. Overall it offers a great UX and neat design.


Yahoo is older than Google and is still used by many to manage their accounts and searches all in one place. It is still among the top 5 search engines out there. It provides an email service, online shopping, games, travel directory, news, and much more on its home page. Yahoo is a default search engine for Mozilla Firefox and has dedicated apps on Android and iOS.



Qwant is a popular search engine in Europe and is based out of France. This search engine claims to never use personal data for ad-targeting. It has several features similar to DuckDuckGo along with its “Qwick Search Shortcuts” just like Yahoo’s “Bangs” feature. The interface is simple and user-friendly, displays news and trending topics, and also provide social media shortcuts. It is also a great music search engine.

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